"Sing Silly with Sharon" is a unique collection of silly songs with traditional and/or new lyrics. Sharon has added or changed the lyrics to several of these songs, just as the words were often changed in the past by the folks who sang them. The omnichord, guitar, piano and/or synthesizer music which accompanies each song entices  listeners of all ages to
sing along. Joining Sharon on this CD are her cousins,  Emily and Sam (11 and 8 years old when the CD was produced), who created the line drawings on the CD insert. All song lyrics are also provided in the insert.  Instrumental versions of 5 of these songs provide children the opportunity to make up their own silly lyrics and sing along to the "music only" versions on the CD. Three special stories complete the CD--some sung, some told.  So sing, hum and dance along as Sharon, Emily and Sam "sing silly" for you, your friends and your family.


On this  special recording, Sharon plays her omnichord and guitar and
sings thirteen lullabies from the United States, New Wales, Israel, Ireland, Germany and Russia. These lullabies are sung in English, German, Spanish and Hebrew. All of the lullaby lyrics are included with the CD so you and your family can sing along  with the music. While most of the lyrics are traditional, Sharon has modified or changed some of the lyrics to make them kinder, gentler or more appropriate as lullabies. The origins of each of the songs also appears on the CD insert. A delightful reading of selected Mother Goose and Robert Louis Stevenson poems completes this premier CD in Sharon's new series of music and story readings for young children.

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Song Titles

1.  Toot! Toot
2.  Down by the Bay
3.  I'm a Little Teapot
4.  The Bathtub Song
5.  The Tailor and the Mouse
6.  The Animals on the Bus
7.  Michael Finnegan
8.  There's a Hole in the Middle of the Pond
9.  Boom, Boom Ain't It Great to be Crazy
10. Going Over the Sea
11. Three Blind Mice
12. Six Little Ducks
13. The Muffin Man and Friends
14. Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
15. Polly Wolly Doodle
16. The Food Song
17. Skip to My Lou at the Zoo
18. "Silly Sharon" story
19. "There Was on Old Lady" story
20. "The Silly People of Chelm"


Song Titles

1.  All Those Pretty Horses
2.  All Through the Night
3.  Erev Ba
4.  Brahm's Lullaby
5.  Hush, Little Baby
6.  A La Ru, a La Me
7.  Rock-A-Bye Baby
8.  The Riddle Song
9.  An Irish Lullaby
10. Tumbalalaika
11. Kumbayah
12. Twinkle, Twinkle  Little Star
13. Lu Lu Hushabye
14. Mother Goose Poems
15. Robert Louis Stevenson poems
16. A Message from Sharon

Music-only versions for these songs:

21. Toot, Toot,
22. Down By the Bay
23. "I'm a Little Teapot
24. Going Over the Sea
25. The Muffin Man and Friends